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At TIM Aerospace we believe that being well prepared for unplanned maintenance is fundamental to getting an aircraft back into service quickly after experiencing a technical issue, avoiding delays and cancellations.
Our licensed personnel is ready to provide the necessary support required to ensure the continuing airworthiness of your aircraft or aircraft part.

Line maintenance is a vital part of keeping an aircraft in good working conditions. By performing routine checks and repairs, licensed mechanics can ensure that an aircraft remains safe and airworthy. Not only is it required by regulations, but it also helps to prevent potential accidents and malfunctions.

It is important for airline companies to have a comprehensive line maintenance program in place as it plays a crucial role in ensuring safe flights for all passengers.

TIM Aerospace provides the necessary maintenance for ensuring that a system continually performs its intended function at its designed-in level of reliability and safety.

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Sos. Bucureștilor nr. 224 EOtopeni. Jud. Ilfov

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